Soda Ash Neutra 7: 45 lb.

Soda Ash Neutra 7: 45 lb.

Code: C6000120 List Price: $150.00 Your Price: Shipping Weight: 40.00 lbs. Manufacturer: Pro Products Manufacturer#: SP40N
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Eliminate Acid Water

Prevents corrosion in water systems. Works better than plain soda ash (sucn as Neutra 5) by keeping the injection point clean.

Pro Neutra 7 is a proprietary alkaline compound which eliminates acid water in potable systems and keeps the injection point clean of build-up. This helps eliminate corrosion from piping, pressure tanks, water heaters and fixtures. A Pro Neutra 7 solution injected into a water system will eliminate acid water and prevent corrosion. Pro Neutra 7 is NSF Certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water additives.

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