Iron Filter Pro-OX with Chlorine Tank > Softener

Pro-Ox Iron Filter followed by a water softener is a great way to remove iron, manganese and hardness from well water with very little maintenance required. To keep the Pro-OX media clean and free of iron bacteria build-up, a chlorine side tank can be used. During backwash a small amount of chlorine bleach is sucked into the tank which keeps the media clean. No chlorine gets into the house water in this process. Just add some chlorine bleach and a little water softener salt every few months!
Iron Filter Pro-OX with Chlorine Tank  > Softener
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    Pro-OX Air Charger Iron Filter 5900e 1054
    Choose Tank Options:
    Is your well water pH Less Than 7? Choose Calcite Blend Option (+$100):
    Discounted Stainless Steel Flex Lines:
    Choose Spin-Down Pre-Filter & Save $$:
    Add Iron Filter Installation Kit:
    FE011910 $2049 $1,205.00
    Potassium Permanganate Tank
    T4000110 $159 $93.00
    Rusco Spin Down Filter PE 1" T Style 60 Mesh
    Add Sun Shield $15:
    Add Stainless Steel Auto Flush Valve:
    MS006630 $115 $81.00
    Softener 5900e Metered 48K
    Brine Tank Options:
    Resin Cleaner Feeder Option:
    Resin Options:
    Discounted Stainless Steel Flex Lines:
    Add a Hardness Test Kit Pro, Only $9.95 Reg $19.95:
    Choose Spin-Down Pre-Filter & Save $$:
    WS005640 $1034 $723.00
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