Chem-Sorb Filter Media 3/4 Cu Ft Box

Chem-Sorb Filter Media 3/4 Cu Ft Box

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  • Media: Chem-Sorb Filter Granules, 3/4 Cu Ft Box: Chemsorb is an excellent alternative to filter sand and anthracite and is able to filter out finer particles from water.
  • The alumino-silicate, crystal, mineral material (sometimes referred to as 'clinoptilolite has surface micro-mineral projections with 0.25 to 10 mm spacing that effectively trap suspended solids in waterstreams.
  • The surface, micro-projections, together with the high surface area makes this material an ideal, water filtration media.
  • This creates a surface area over 100 times greater than filter sand.


  • The material is mined, crushed, dried and double-screen, sized to produce a high quality filter media with Uniformity Coefficient (D60/D10) of 1.7 having high through-put capacity at low differential pressure.
  • High purity, low sodium, natural, zeolite, mineral (14 x 40mesh) that is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized AsSafe) under 21CFR Part 182.2729 and 40 CFR Part 180.1001 with ANSI/NSF Standard 61 Listing.
  • The material is mineralogically and thermally stabile to 500 C. Advantages of ChemSorbFilter Granules versus conventional sand, anthracite and mul-timedia filter media are below. Higher filtration capacity without additional capital costs.
  • Reduced backwash frequency reduces costs and saveslabor.
  • Linear/near linear, head loss curve with superior, depthremoval of suspended solids.
  • Superior filtration rating (5 micron nominal) translates to enhanced water quality.

Flow Rate:

  • High flow rate capacity - gravity flow (4 gpm/ft2) and pressure vessels (12-18 gpm/ft2).
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