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Aeration Storage Tanks

Removes Ferrous and Ferric Iron

Removes radon and other gasses

No chemicals required. Natural air injection

Crystal clear, odor-free, non-staining water.

Vent gasses outside if dangerous gasses such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, radon or methane are present.

Use in conjuntion with Birm, MangOX or Sediment Backwash Filter Systems

How does it work?

The compressor injects the air through a ceramic diffuser stone inside the storage tank. As water flows from the well into the storage tank, the air compressor bubbles a large quantity of air into the water. Once the storage tank is full, the air compressor continues for run for 10 - 15 minutes and completely aerates the storage tank.

After the water is aerated the water is re-pressurized with a booster pump and flows through an iron filter. The iron filter removes the oxidized iron, periodically flushing it automatically out to drain.

For severe problem water containing very high levels of hydrogen sulfide, odors and/or bacteria, an ozone generator combined with the bubbler is recommended to thoroughly treat the water.

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sentry storage tank

250 Gallon storage tank with aeration and optional pellet chlorinator. Submersible booster pump package included.
Heavy-Duty Air Compressor Aeration and Storage Tank Systems

aeration storage tank
Typical aeration storage tank installation for one of our customers. In this application they had some iron bacteria so an ozone generator bubbler was used, instead of just plain aeration. The system is set up to run when the well is filling the storage tank. When the tank is full, the well pump shuts off, but the compressor continues to run for an adjustable period of time (10 - 15 minutes) to make sure the storage tank is completed treated with ozone or air.
storage tank aerator system