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Air Compressor MaxiVent


Maxi-Vent Aeration Tank Compressor Systems for Iron Filters

Removes Ferrous and Ferric Iron

No chemicals required. Natural air injection

Crystal clear, non-staining water.

Not recommended if manganese, iron bacteria or high levels of sulfur odor are present.

Excellent quality USA Made tanks and control valve. Tank, media and control valve are all NSF certified.

How does it work?

The compressor injects the air in a special type of air-vent tank which allows some minutes of contact time for the oxygen to dissolve in the water, and also allow for venting of excess air and gasses.

After the water is aerated the Birm iron filter removes the oxidized iron, periodically flushing it automatically out to drain.

If the pH is less than 6.8 a Birm Blend filter using a combination of Calcite and Birm can be used in the same tank. For levels less than 6.0 a separate neutralizer tank or a soda ash feeder is used.

  maxivent system
Maxi-Vent Heavy-Duty Air Compressor Aeration Systems

Compressor is quiet and reliable and runs each time your well pump is running.

The compressor maintains a head of air inside the pressurized airtank. The water contacts air as water flow into air tank.

The package includes an installation kit with a aluminum shelf to mount the compressor, two air check valves, pressure gauge, poly connectors with tubing and air regulator valve.

System includes Air Pump, complete 10 in. x 54 in. vent tank with Maxi-Vent. System operates on 115 voltage. Can be utilized for flow rates over 15 gallons per minute.

Use prior to a MangOX, Filox or Birm media iron filter, or a Centaur Carbon backwash filter for excellent removal of odors, iron, manganese and sediment. Order iron filter separately.

air compressor tank for iron filters
Easy to install. Comes with everything you need for fast installation. Wire in to well pump pressure switch so compressor operates when well pump is running. Can also be wired to a flow switch for easy operation.
maxi-vent air compressor tank system