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Air Injector Iron Filters


Terminator Air Injector Iron Filters For Well Water

  • Removes Ferrous and Ferric Iron

  • No chemicals required. Natural air injection
  • .
  • Crystal clear, non-staining water.

  • Not recommended if manganese, iron bacteria or high levels of sulfur odor are present.

  • Excellent quality USA Made tanks and control valve. Tank, media and control valve are all NSF certified.

    How does it work?

    An 1” NPT pipe size air-injector (included) is installed after the pump before the well pressure tank. When the well pump runs, water flows past the air injector and air is drawn into the water.

    The water flows through the air-vent tank where excess air is released before flowing through the iron filter tank. Some pressure drop will occur through the air injector, but if your well can produce at least 8 gallons per minute at 30 PSI then the pressure loss is usually not noticeable.

    terminator iron filter

Terminator Air Injector Iron Filter

terminator air injector iron filter

Terminator Iron Filter with Soda Ash Feeder; for water less than 6.0 pH

air injector with soda ash pump