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“More Flow Than I Previously Dreamed Possible” from new Pro-OX Iron Filter

Pro-OX Iron Filter – Client Testimonial

Attached are a couple of shots of the installed Iron Filter.

I love the filter.  With the installation of the new filter, the water flow rate in the home has increased by more than double and multiple sources can be used simultaneously whereas before they could not (no shower and toilet flush at the same time).

The previous iron filter was a green sand filter and the problem seemed to be that it was full of iron and the backwash flow rate was totally insufficient to keep it clean.  The new Pro-OX 7000 eliminates this problem and has more flow than I previously dreamed possible.

It was easy to install and set up.

Thanks for the help.
Scott Barnhouse  Hudson, Ohio

scott-barnhouse-pro-ox-iron filters



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