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Pro-Ox 7000 Iron Filter : “This new system is great! It was easy – and fun – to install.”

Pro Ox 7000 Iron Filter,  Client Testimonial


Here are pictures of my new Pro-Ox 7000 SXT iron filter system.


Pro-Ox 7000 Iron Filter

Compared to the old potassium permanganate system with its bucket full of black “ink” and
it’s myriad of pipes running everywhere – not to mention it only takes a  2-hour recharge every 4 or 5 days – this new system is great!

It was easy and fun  to install.

I checked the iron ppm both before and after the iron filter using an electronic tester
and it reduced from 3.9 ppm to 0.14 ppm.

It only needs to backwash/rinse every 1000 gallons and does this  based on water consumption.
In my case,  since I live alone it’s about every 2 weeks!

Also,  the backwash and rinse cycles are only about 8 minutes each!

I fully recommend this iron filter system.

Art Wild

Washington, Illinois

Download the ProOX 7000-SXT Iron Filter Installation &. Start-Up Guide here.


Pro-Ox 7000 Iron Filter

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