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This is a great system to eliminate iron; and the service from the Clean Water Store is topnotch.

Pro-OX 5900 Clean Water Systems

I installed a   Pro-OX 5900 Clean Water Systems iron filter (5900e Air 1.5 cf system) with a ‘Big Blue’ particle filter downstream of the Pro Ox. My iron problem wasn’t that bad (1.0ppm), but it was enough to cause staining on fixtures. It was enough staining that fixtures appeared dirty within a day or two of cleaning. The transformation after adding the Pro Ox was immediate. I ran several buckets of water out of a hose bib shortly after the installation and the water clarity is dazzling. All of the metallic taste in the water is gone and the rust stain issues are a thing of the past. This system is truly amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone with iron in their water. Just as a point of reference: I did all of the plumbing myself and ran it in Pex. The valve arrangement I used allows me to bypass the filtration system, isolate the particle filter, and cut off the accumulator (total of 5 valves). My total cost of plumbing parts was ~$300.

Pro-OX 5900 Clean Water Systems iron filter

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