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GE Homespring

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Homespring Ultrafiltration System by GE

Safer, more pure water from every tap in the home. The revolutionary Homespring Ultrafiltration System by GE filters water at the point of entry protecting the entire home by providing an effective barrier to undesirable micro-organisms, turbidity and particulates. GE is the worlds leading provider of ultrafiltration membrane systems, currently recognized as the most advanced water treatment technology desired by municipalities and industries around the world.

• Ultrafiltration membrane technology filters municipal, well, cistern, lake and river water.
• An optional Activated Carbon Pre-filter improves taste and minimizes unwanted odors.
• The Homespring Ultrafiltration System by GE provides a continuous supply of crystal clear water. If the power fails, the system continues filtering.
• The Homespring Ultrafiltration System by GE is engineered to automatically flush itself clean. It automatically flushes impurities down the drain during a pre-selected time each day.

GE Homespring UF211

Technical Specifications

Homespring Model Number UFC211, UF211
Maximum Peak Flow Rate Up to 11 gpm (42 lpm)
Maximum Continuous Flow Rate 4.5 gpm (17 lpm)
Minimum Temperature / Maximum Temperature >32 F (0 C) / >100 F (38 C)
Maximum Ambient Temperature 140 F (60 C)
Approximate Flush Volume* 12 gallons (45 litres)
Typical System Efficiency* 95%
Estimated Carbon Filter Capacity (Optional: Model UFC 211 only) 130,000 gallons (0.49 million litres)
Advanced Plus Controller Voltage (VAC) 120 / 230

* Depends upon model, water quality and flowrate.


Number of people in home 5 or more
Number of bathrooms 2.5 - 3.5

Filtration Technology Comparison

Typical System Capabilities Homespring Ultrafiltration System by GE Ultra-Violet Systems Ozone Systems Reverse Osmosis Systems Chlorine Systems Carbon Filters
Efficient self-cleaning YES SOME NO NO NO NO
Keeps filtering when power fails YES NO NO YES SOME YES
Improves taste** YES NO SOME SOME NO YES
Removes cloudiness (turbidity) YES NO NO YES NO YES
Removes bacteria and viruses YES NO NO YES NO NO
Removes parasites YES NO NO YES NO SOME

** When installed with the optional activated carbon pre-filter.