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The SandMaster

Choose Between CS (carbon steel painted series) or SS (stainless steel series)

sandmaster centrifugal separator
The SandMaster - Best for Potable Water Applications sand master package
SandMaster - Your First Line of Defense Against Sand and Grit

Lakos SandMasters are the best centrifigual separator for home and commercial well water systems, especially when the water is being used for potable or domestic use. The SandMaster centrifigal separators have no screens, solid baffles, or moving parts. No maintenance is required other than periodic purging of the unwanted solids by opening up bottom ball valve (valve not included).

The Package Series come with Mounting Bracket Kit, AutoPurge for SandMaster Separator (ASM-75-PDV), manual isolation valve and appropriate fittings for a proper and professional installation. Autopure allows for maintenance-free operation and automatic flushes and drains the SandMaster!