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SandMaster Sand Separators


Sand Separators (Sand Filters) For Well Water

  • No Filter Cartridges To Change
  • No Pressure Loss.
  • High Flow Rates.
  • Automatic Flush Kits Optional
  • Free Fast Shipping!
  • Effectively removes all particles in the range of 75 microns and up.

NOTE: Choose your sand separator based on your well pump flow rate in gallons per minute. For most home water wells, the H2O-10 or H20-20 works best.
sandmaster sand separator
Item Code Description List Price Your Price    
FS001180 SandMaster H20-05 5-10 GPM 1/2" $647.00 $360.95
FS001200 SandMaster H20-10 10-20 GPM 3/4" $725.00 $404.95
FS001220 SandMaster H20-20 20-32 GPM 1" $829.00 $461.95
FS001240 SandMaster H20-30 30-48 GPM 1-1/4" $958.00 $533.95
FS001260 SandMaster H20-45 40-70 GPM 1-1/2" $1,114.00 $620.95
FS000700 Sandmaster Plus SMP-05 5-10 GPM 1/2" $1,036.00 $576.95
FS000720 Sandmaster Plus SMP-10 10-20 GPM 3/4" $1,166.00 $648.95
FS000740 Sandmaster Plus SMP-20 20-32 GPM 1" $1,192.00 $663.95
FS000760 Sandmaster Plus SMP-30 30-48 GPM 1-1/4" $1,373.00 $764.95
FS000780 Sandmaster Plus SMP-45 40-70 GPM 1-1/2" $1,425.00 $792.95

Choose Between CS (carbon steel painted series) or SS (stainless steel series)

sandmaster centrifugal separator
SandMaster - Your First Line of Defense Against Sand and Grit

Lakos SandMasters are the best centrifigual separator for home and commercial well water systems, especially when the water is being used for potable or domestic use. The SandMaster centrifigal separators have no screens, solid baffles, or moving parts. No maintenance is required other than periodic purging of the unwanted solids by opening up bottom ball valve (valve not included).