Oxygen Generator; : Replacement ATF module Sequal 15C 115V 60Hz

Oxygen Generator; : Replacement ATF module Sequal 15C 115V 60Hz

Code: A1000600 List Price: $3,622.00 Your Price: Shipping Weight: 25.00 lbs. Manufacturer: ClearWater Tech, Inc. Manufacturer#: OXS300
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“Provides oxygen from 0-15 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH)/ 0-7 liters per minute (LPM) at 90-95% purity.

110 VAC/220 VAC (+/-10%) 50 or 60 Hz., 25 mA.

The unique design of the Advanced Technology Fractionator® (ATF) oxygen module eliminates dozens of components and interconnections found in conventional PSA systems. A patented single rotary distribution valve built into the ATF® module is continuously rotated at low speed by a small motor. The valve is maintenance free, self-cleaning, insensitive to contamination, and invulnerable to wear. It sequentially directs the flow of compressed air to a group of four sieve beds (adsorption), while at the same time another four beds are purged into the atmosphere though the valve (desorption). The remaining four of the twelve beds are interconnected through the valve to equalize pressure as the sieve beds sequentially transition between adsorption and desorption. In contrast to a conventional PSA system, the small amplitude pressure swings generated by the ATF’s twelve sieve beds eliminate loud noise pulses, eliminate the need for a pressure regulator, and reduce compressor wear.”

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