Carbon Whole House Backwash Filter CWS Manual 0.75 CF 844

Carbon Whole House Backwash Filter CWS Manual 0.75 CF 844

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  • All the filter media you need for the system is included.
  • Excellent for use in dechlorinating water and removing many tastes and odors.
  • Much longer life and higher flow rates than carbon filter cartridges.
  • Unlike carbon cartridges which can trap sediment and dirt causing pressure drop these systems can backwash out trapped sediment alleviating pressure drop.
  • Filter tank is NSF certified one piece seamless polyester construction for long life.
  • Rugged Ceramic Disc manual backwash control lasts for many years.
  • Manually operated valve is easy to operate. Just turn to backwash filter media.
  • Non-corrosive high-tech material construction.
  • Manual control valve is easy to operate; just move lever to move to a backwash and then rinse position.


  • CWS Manual F5 backwash control valve
  • 1.0 cubic foot of Carbon filter media (standard coconut shell or catalytic carbon)
  • 3/4 inch or 1 inch pipe connectors


  • For disinfected water only!
  • Max pressure recommended: 100psi
  • Max temperature recommended 100F

Flow Rates

  • Recommended flow rate for maximum filtration performance: 5gpm
  • Maximum possible flow rate: 10 gpm
  • Backwash flow rate: 4 gpm


  • Filter tank diameter: 8 inches
  • Filter tank height: 44 inches
  • Height including control valve: 49 inches
  • Clean Water Systems & Stores, Inc., Water Treatment Equipment,Service & Supplies, Santa Cruz, CA