Birm Blend Iron Filter 5900e 1.5 CF

Birm Blend Iron Filter 5900e 1.5 CF

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  • Birm Blend Iron Filter CWS 5900e 1.5: includes pipe connectors; by-pass valve; 1.5 cubic feet of Birm Blend filter media; and CWs 5900e BackWash Control valve with flow sensor.
  • The filters use a mix Birm, Calcite and Corosex (Flomag) filter media.
  • All the filter media you need for the system is included.
  • Birm Blend iron filters are an efficient and economical way to correct acidic pH and remove dissolved iron compounds from well waters under the right conditions.
  • No chemicals are required for regeneration of the filter media backwash and cleaning is accomplished with raw water.
  • No chlorine hydrogen sulfide gas or tannins should be present in the raw water.
  • For manganese removal Birm Blend works only if the pH is over 8.2.
  • Sufficient dissolved oxygen must be present for Birm Blend to work properly so typically an air injection system is used or the filters are used after holding tanks.
  • Filter tank is NSF certified one piece seamless polyester construction for long life.
  • Max pressure recommended is 100 psi.
  • Maximum water temperature recommended 100F.
  • Rugged heavy-duty CWS Time Clock NSF-certified series backwash control valve features fully adjustable backwash and rinse cycles saving water and allowing maximized performance.
  • Time-tested hydraulically balanced piston seal and spacers provide years of trouble-free service.
  • Non-corrosive high-tech material construction.
  • Simple user friendly LCD display shows time of day,regeneration mode and gallons remaining. Totalizer function tracks total amount of water treated. Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter with Day Override and Calendar Clock modes included!.
  • The recommended maximum flow rate for best filtration performance is 5.0 gallons per minute but a peak flow rate for several minutes of 15 gallons per minute is possible.
  • The backwash flow rate is 5.0 gallons per minute.


  • Filter tank diameter: 10 inches.
  • Filter tank height: 54 inches.
  • Height including control valve: 61 inches.
  • Clean Water Systems & Stores, Inc., Water Treatment Equipment,Service & Supplies, Santa Cruz, CA