Iron Filter AIO

Pro-OX-AIR Iron Filters remove iron, manganese and odors from well water without the need for chlorine or other chemicals. No routine maintenance is required and the Pro-OX filter media inside lasts for over 10 years. Enjoy clean, rust-free, non-staining water throughout the home.
Iron Filter AIO
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    Air Charger Iron Filter Pro-OX 5900e 1054
    Choose Tank Options:
    Choose Calcite Blend Option? (If Your Water pH Is Less than 7):
    Choose Spin-Down Pre-Filter & Save $$:
    Add Drain Line Tubing:
    Stainless Steel Flex Line Connection Options:
    FE011910 $2049 $1,249.00
    Rusco Spin Down Filter PE 1" T Style 60 Mesh
    Add Sun Shield $15:
    Add Stainless Steel Auto Flush Valve:
    MS006630 $115 $81.00
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