Iron Bacteria Test

Iron Bacteria Test

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BART (Biological Activity Reaction Test) tester for iron-related bacteria. Simple to use, no incubator required. Remove the cap from the BART tester, add your sample, allow to incubate in a room temperature location, and look for a reaction. Observe daily for 8 days. If iron bacteria is present, a brown film will develop. A chart included with the tester describes what reactions to look for.

The approximate baterial population in cfu/mL (colony forming units per milliliter of sample) can be estimated from the number of days it takes before a reaction appears.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends all private water systems be tested at least once per year for coliform bacteria.

Coliform bacteria live in top soil, on vegetation and in surface water. There are different strains or species of coliform bacteria. The type that are found in the intestines of warm-blooded animals and fecal matter are called E.coli. Some strains of coliform bacteria can easily live for long periods in soil and water and may be carried into well casings by insects. Coliform bacteria are the most commonly encountered contaminants seen in private water systems.
coliform bacteria
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