Professional Grade 3 in One TDS Tester
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Accurately measures Total Dissolved Solids, Temperature and Conductivity

Includes case. Better quality than other similar TDS testers.


CWS TDS Meter Pro 3-In-1

CWS TDS Meter Pro 3-In-1

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TDS Meter Pro: 3 in 1 meter measures total disssolved solids in parts per million, electrical conductivity, and also measure temperature accurately and conveniently. Just dip in water and press the button and the value is displayed. Backlit display in green or red depending on water quality.


Measures electrical conductivity (EC,S/cm), total dissolved solids (TDS, mg/L), temperature and Fahrenheit


  • Voltage: CR2032 Battery, DC3V
  • Press on/off button to start/finish
  • Press mode button to select different function
  • Show TDS data 0-9999 ppm at accuracy 2%
  • Show temperature 0-99 at accuracy
  • Show EC data 0-9999 S at accuracy 2%
  • Hold the TDS data automatically
  • Clear the TDS data to zero for each test
  • Shut off automatically after 30 seconds, or press on/off button 3 seconds
  • Factory calibrated
  • Large LCD screen
  • Low-power backlight to identified water quality and can be used day and night direct drinking water: green light, TDS 40ppm un-direct drinking water: red light, TDS 40ppm
  • Auto temperature compensation from 5-50
  • 1000 hours for continuous testing

TDS Reference:

  • 0-60 ppm: Pure Drinking Water
  • 60-200 ppm: Tap Water
  • 200-360 ppm: Washing Water
  • 360ppm: Polluted Water

P.S. The U.S. EPAs Maximum Contaminant Levels of TDS for human consumption is 500 ppm.

  • Clean Water Systems & Stores, Inc., Water Treatment Equipment,Service & Supplies, Santa Cruz, CA