Static Inline Mixer 2" Sch 80 PVC: 15 to 88 GPM

Static Inline Mixer 2" Sch 80 PVC: 15 to 88 GPM

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Pipe Size Dimensions Flow Rate
3/4" 2" x 12.75" 2.5 GPM-8.0 GPM
1" 2.25" x 16.25" 4.5 GPM-14 GPM
1-1/2" 3.25" x 22.5" 9.5 GPM-44 GPM
2" 4" x 27.5" 15.5 GPM-88 GPM


  • Industrial Quality Inline static mixer 3/4"
  • Schedule 80 PVC Unions on each end
  • Glue-type slip fittings for easy installation into PVC pipe
  • For flow rates from 2.5 to 8 GPM
  • Heavy-duty Sch 80 Gray PVC
  • Excellent for instant mixing of injected chemicals such as chlorine, soda ash, or sodium hydroxide.
  • The StataMix mixer has NO moving parts.
  • The mixer will instantaneously and completely mix any combination of gas or liquid with the water stream.
  • The unique baffle design continues to redivide and recombine the streams as it passes through, generating a lot of turbulence, ensuring complete mixing with no energy, moving parts and very low pressure loss.
  • pvc industrial static mixer

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