Rusco Items Return Policy: Rusco filters have a 1 year warranty against defects. If you use the Rusco filter or screen and find you need a different one, you cannot return it for credit. If you don't use it however and it is in the original box, we can take returns up to 90 days after purchase.

Polyester Filter Screen for Rusco Spin Down 1-1/2" 60 Mesh

Polyester Filter Screen for Rusco Spin Down 1-1/2" 60 Mesh

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Polyester Filter Screen for Rusco Spin Down 1-1/2" 60 Mesh (254 Microns). Rusco Spin-Down Sediment Filters are highly flexible filters designed to be utilized in a wide variety of applications. From household well water systems, geothermal heating, or lawn and turf, all the way to factories, livestock feeding systems, or advanced liquid cooling systems, Rusco's Spin-Down has been providing the industry leading sediment filtration solution since 1977.

Mesh Size Selection Guide
A general guide for Rusco spin down and sediment filters

Materials In Water Systems To Protect Recommended
Mesh Size
Micron Rating

In general, use the coarsest mesh deemed acceptable to filter the materials you want to remove. This will help to extend the life of your system and reduce how often the filter requires cleaning.
Shale, Shell General use #24 711 micron
Debris General Use #24, #30, # 40 533 - 381 micron
Pipe Scale, Coarse Sand Sprinkler systems, sensitive valves, factory aerators #60 250 micron
Fine Sand, Grit from New Wells Drip irrigation systems, sensitive valves, poultry growers, watering devices, fogger nozzles #100, #140 150 - 105 micron
Very fine sand and grit Pre-treatment for RO, UF systems, etc. #250 - #1000 61 - 15 micron
Algae Avoid algae growth under clear filter cover Use Rusco Sun Shield
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