P2000: 5.6 GH 120V 50/60 Hz

P2000: 5.6 GH 120V 50/60 Hz

Code: OS000190 List Price: $6,040.00 Your Price: Shipping Weight: 49.00 lbs. Manufacturer: ClearWater Tech, Inc. Manufacturer#: P140
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  • Compact and easy to install, the P-2000 corona discharge wall-mount delivers a high ozone output.
  • Built with a dual reaction chamber and powder coated enclosure, the P-2000 is engineered for superior water sanitation.


  • Height: 23.0"
  • Width: 20.25"
  • Depth: 5.50"
  • Weight: 49 lbs.
  • Ozone Output: 5.6 grams/hour @ 14 SCFH on dry air, 14 grams/hour @ 14 SCFH on oxygen

Advantages to the CD10 are: 4-20 mA control; universal input power supply allows for input voltages from 90-260 volts; all units are air cooled for ease of installation; all solid state electronic components for maximum longevity; lowest watts-per-gram ratio of any ozone generator available and convenient LED displays show variable ozone output and air dryer status.

Typical applications include: residential swimming pools; commercial spas; residential well water; bottled water; waste water; commercial laundry; water feature; and aquaculture. The CD10 is a single reaction chamber CD ozone generator with fully adjustable output. The system can be used with dry air (AD-40); LPSA-20 or Workhorse 8C air preparation systems.

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