CD4000P: 56 GH 208-240V 60Hz

CD4000P: 56 GH 208-240V 60Hz

Code: OS001140 List Price: $29,529.00 Your Price: Shipping Weight: 149.00 lbs. Manufacturer: ClearWater Tech, Inc. Manufacturer#: CD4200
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CD4000P: 56 Grams/Hour 208-240V 60Hz. ClearWater Tech commercial cabinet systems are big on ozone output and light on maintenance. These industrial strength ozone generators provide an output range from 28 to 170 grams per hour to meet the demands of a variety of commercial ozone applications. The modular; multiple reaction chamber design keeps them working even in the most demanding conditions.

At the heart of the CD4000P systems are our time-tested linear power supply and concentric tube reaction chamber. These electrically efficient, low maintenance components have been loyally serving our customers since 1991. The CD4000P model features a regulated switching power supply that delivers clean, uniform power to the drive module regardless of line voltage quality. The drive module in turn gives our standard reaction chamber even greater ozone output capability.

The drives are self-tuning and automatically adjust to reaction chamber capacitance changes. Using this exclusive technology; The CD4000P systems feature pressurized reaction chambers designed to operate at 10 psi and deliver a high concentration of ozone. The CD4000P is a CD ozone generator with four individually-fused reaction chambers. The specifications include: dimensions in inches: height: 42; width: 28.5; depth: 14: weight: 149 lbs; 56 grams per hour ozone output at 24 SCFH (PSA oxygen).

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