A15e-Apex Package: 15 GH 120 VAC 60Hz.

A15e-Apex Package: 15 GH 120 VAC 60Hz.

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A15e-Apex Package: 15 Grams/Hour 120 VAC 60Hz. With the Apex Ae system; organic contaminants; bacteria and viruses are not only rendered harmless; they are eliminated from pool water through a combination of oxidation and flocculation. Oxidation destroys these contaminants and flocculation gathers them up to be filtered out of the pool water. Pool water is cleaner and clearer than is possible with any chemical disinfectant. And unlike most chemicals; ozone does not affect the pH of pool water.

Where other pool sanitizers have to be handled and stored; ozone (an oxygen-based oxidant) is produced on-site with equipment that can easily be sized to meet any requirement. Ozone enriched water not only sanitizes but is completely safe and leaves no harmful residue or chemical by-products in the water to hurt people or the environment. Ozone actually prevents the formation of harmful chloramines and trihalomethanes (THMs) in swimming pools; which are the natural by-products of chlorine-based sanitization.

This ability makes Apex Ae systems a perfect partner for chlorinated pools; whether salt generated; liquid injected or tablet dissolved. Apex Ae systems are easy to install and maintain. They are floor mounted and readily tie into pool operating system so when the main pump is running the Apex Ae system is running too. A complete range of turnkey systems are available to provide protection for even the largest residential pools, inside or outside.

Features include: automated operation; continuous sanitation; easy installation; minimal maintenance; fully integrated and self-contained; weatherproof stainless steel enclosure or powder coated steel; solid state electronic components; oxygen-fed high concentration ozone; variable ozone output; and LED visual indicators. System components include a CD ozone generator; built-in oxygen concentrator; vacuum break; and variable controls.

Common applications are large residential swimming pools; commercial swimming pools; and commercial spas. Specifications for APEX A15e include: dimensions in inches: height: 32.5(+1.0/ -0.5); width 28; depth 22; 13.5 grams per hour ozone output at 6 SCFH (PSA oxygen) at 6 percent concentration. Recommended for residential pools up to 80,000 gallons with secondary sanitizer up to 125,000 gallons.

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