Ozone Drinking Water

Ozone Boy USA Water Purification Sale!

Ozone Boy USA Water Purification Sale!

The Ozone Boy Ozone Water Filter is Self-Powered!

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  • OzoneBoy is a small powerful ozone generator that attaches to the kitchen or other faucet.
  • Includes faucet adapters kit that FIT USA faucets as well as international styles.
  • It has its own hydro-electric generator built-in, so that when the water is turned on, ozone can be produced.
  • Push the power button on or off to select whether or not ozone will be produced as the water flows through it.
  • If the faucet or tap has very low pressure, an optional external power adapter (120v optional) can be used.
  • For best results fill a pitcher or container with the ozonated water and allow to set for 20 minutes to allow sufficient time for the water to be disinfected.
  • Produces 0.7 grams per hour and can create an ozone residual of 0.15 to 0.3 ppm in water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What exactly is ozone?
A. Ozone is a pungent gas naturally produced in the Earth’s upper atmosphere by the action of UV sun light on oxygen molecules. Ozone is manufactured on Earth by sending air through a special chamber containing a high-voltage “spark,” which creates a blue plasma corona, called 'corona discharge'
Q. How is ozone used in water and air purification?
A. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer similar to chlorine. Many of the same benefits we get from chlorinating water (disinfection, oxidation of metals, etc.) is also realized by using ozone gas, except that with ozone, there is no chemical residual left in the water. Ozone works faster and is more powerful than chlorine. Note we do NOT recommend using this ozone generator to create ozone gas in rooms where it can be breathed in. Ozone is
Q. Can the Ozone 500-i to disinfect water?
A. Yes. The Ozone 500-i is a convenient and powerful water sanitizer. Using any pitcher or container, the ozone gas can be easily bubbled in the water to kill bacteria, viruses, and remove bad tastes and odors.
Q. How can I use the Ozone 500-i to kill bacteria and sanitize fruit, vegetables and meats?
A. Place the food in a bowl and fill with water. Allow the ozone to bubble in the water for several minutes and then cover container for 10 - 20 minutes. Ozone will remove pesticide residues, dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants on the surface of the fruit, vegetables, meat or fish within minutes.
Q. What else can I use it for?
A. Use the ozone generator to create a powerful sanitizer by ozonating water, and then using the water to wipe down surfaces. Kills bacteria in cleaning clothes, sponges and rags. Use the ozone generator to bubble ozone in the washing machine to dramatically cut down on the amount of soap used and eliminate need for bleach.
Q. What does the 'Negative Ion Generator' do? What is the difference between 'negative ions' and ozone?
A. Negative ion generators generate negatively-charged particles and treat air by eliminating static charges in air, and as an aid in cleaning the room air of dust, dust mites, mold and spores. The negative ion generator is a separate system inside the Ozone 500-i. The Multi-Functional Ozone 500-i system can only run either the negative ion generator OR the ozone generator at one time. The negative ion generator should be run for 10 - 15 minutes. Ozone is a powerful disinfecting gas that kills bacteria and removes odors. Negative ions are charged particles and are harmless, but improve the air quality by affecting the charge of particles in the air.
Q. How does the negative ion generator work?
A. Negative ions can create healthier air and are known to help asthma and allergy sufferers. The negative ions bind with dust and molds and cause them to drop to the floor and not remain suspended in air. There are no adverse effects to using the negative ion generator. Studies have shown that exposure to negative ions (such as the sea shore, or near water falls, or in rooms treated with negative ions) increase the levels of seratonin in the bloodstream whichs leads to mood enhancement and feelings of well-being. Computers and electronic equipment, heater, central air heating and conditioners and other appliances deplete the air of negative ions. The Ozone 500-i Multi-Functional system can restore these negative ions to room, making the room feel more comfortable and air much more enjoyable and healthy.
Q. Does the Ozone 500-i have any filters that must be changed or cleaned?
A. No. There are no filters to clean or change. The Ozone 500-i does not filter air or water. It generates ozone gas which can be used to disinfect water and clean air. It also has a negative ion generator which helps to clean air by treating dust and particles in the air, which allows them to more easily fall to the floor for cleaning. However, it does not remove or trap any particles or dust inside the unit.
Q. What is the warranty and how long will the Ozone 500-i last?
A. The Ozone 500-i has an 18 month warranty. Under normal use, it will last for 4 to 5 years. There are no replacement or serviceable parts inside the generator and other than keeping the exterior clean, there is no maintenance required.
Q. Does the Ozone 500-i use a lot of electricity?
A. No, the power consumption is very low. When operating it uses less than 30 watt light bulb.
Q. Are ozone generators legal in California?
A. Ozone generators are widely used in California and all over the world for treating water in treating drinking water, pools, spas, bottled water and other water treatment processes. Ozone has been used since the turn of the century to purify drinking and municipal waste water. Los Angeles has one of the largest municipal ozone water treatment plants in the world. However, ozone in air is toxic, and California has banned the use of ozone as an air purifier. While some customers do use small ozone generators to eliminate tobacco and other odors in rooms, carpets, automobiles and businesses, it is recommended that ozone gas not be used in rooms where people are present.