Apex VI: CD12SS-AEROUS; 584 INJ; 120V/60HZ; 8GH; CIP800

Apex VI: CD12SS-AEROUS; 584 INJ; 120V/60HZ; 8GH; CIP800

Code: OS001790 List Price: $11,969.00 Your Price: Shipping Weight: 15.00 lbs. Manufacturer: ClearWater Tech, Inc. Manufacturer#: APX620L
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CD12SS-AEROUS; 584 INJ; 120V/60HZ; 8GH; CIP800 Apex Package with Oxygen Generator for maximum ozone output: We took our most popular ozone generators and combined them with all the ancillary components that make up the perfect system. The Apex series from ClearWater Tech is designed to make ordering the properly sized and designed package as simple as possible.

The Apex VI system from ClearWater Tech includes the CD12 ozone generator; Aerous oxygen concentrator; interface box; vacuum break; Mazzei 584 ozone injector manifold; check valve assembly; tubing; flow meter/vacuum gauge assembly with vacuum switch. This easy-to-install; wall-mounted system is perfect for problem well water applications; residential swimming pools; commercial spas and water feature applications. Dimensions: 21.50 Inches h x 11.50 Inches w x 5.0 Inches d; 15 lbs. Ozone Output: 8 grams/hour at 8 SCFH with oxygen

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