Water Softener 9100 Metered Twin 32K Grain

Water Softener 9100 Metered Twin 32K Grain

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Sizing Guide

Model Number of Bathrooms in Home Tank Dimensions
32k 1 - 2 Diameter: 10" Height: 44"
48k 1 - 2.5 Diameter: 10" Height: 54"
64k 1.5 - 3 Diameter: 12" Height: 52"
80k 2 - 5 Diameter: 13" Height: 54"

Brine Tank Sizing Guide

Brine Tank Salt Capacity (lbs) Tank Dimensions
Square Brine Tank 250 Length: 13" Width: 13" Height: 32.5"
Square Brine Tank 350 Length: 15.5" Width: 16" Height: 39"
Round Brine Tank 375 Width: 18" Height: 33"
Round Brine Tank 450 Width: 18" Height: 40"
Square Brine Tank 156 Length: 11" Width: 11" Height: 38"
Round Brine Tank 700 Width: 32" Height: 41"


  • Softener 9100 Twin Tank Metered 32K: includes pipe connectors; by-pass valve; 1.0 cubic feet (x 2) of high-grade softener resin (with options for Fine Mesh and 10% cross link Purolite SST-60 resins) ; heavy-duty brine tank; and Fleck 9100 metered-regeneration control valve.
  • Continuous-Duty Salt Efficient Twin-Tank Water Softener: Eliminate or dramatically reduce white spotting on fixtures and dishware.
  • Prevent scale and calcium build-up inside pipes; water heaters; fixtures; appliances.
  • Counteract drying effects of hard water and enjoy softer skin and hair.
  • Save on laundry: clothes come out cleaner and softer without chemicals bleach or detergents.
  • Clothing lasts longer.
  • Now you can have high flow rates; low pressure drop; trouble-free service; low salt usage; and easy installation at super low prices! Specifications and Features: High-grade softening resin for maximum performance.
  • Filter tank is NSF certified: one piece seamless polyester construction for long life.
  • Max pressure recommended is 100 psi.
  • Maximum water temperature recommended 100F.
  • 32K grain capacity.
  • Recommended flow rate for maximum filtration performance: 7 gpm
  • The peak flow rate is: 10 gpm
  • The backwash flow rate: 2 gpm
  • By-pass valve included with 3/4 inch FPT connection.


  • Filter tank diameter: 10 inches.
  • Filter tank height: 44 inches.
  • Height including control valve: 51 inches.
  • Brine tank: 18 x 33 inches

Precise electronic meter measures the amount of water used and regenerates the softener based on actual water usage; saving salt and water. Reliable electronic control provides quick setup and easy programming.

Quick-connect clips allow easy installation and maintenance. Non-corrosive high-tech material construction. Environmental cover (NEMA-3R rated) protects control from the weather: can be installed inside or outside if protected from freezing. 18 gallons per minute maximum flow rate. Excellent 10 year warranty on tanks. 5 year warranty on control valve.

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