Anthracite .8-.9 mm 1 Cu. Ft.

Anthracite .8-.9 mm 1 Cu. Ft.

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Anthracite .8-.9 mm 1 Cu. Ft. Although its potential for water treatment has been recognized since ancient times, anthracite coal was not used for that purpose until the beginning of this century. Crushed anthracite makes an excellent medium density filtration media. Anthracite has been manufactured from the finest Pennsylvania coal since 1932.

It is specifically selected for water treatment, and during its production goes through several sizing inspections. Random samples are chosen for acomplete laboratory quality control analysis for effective size,uniformity coefficient, specific gravity acid solubility and hard-ness.Because of its fractured shape, some sediment penetratesdeeper into the bed.

When compared to equivalent filtersands, this means longer filter runs and less head loss. Backwash rates are also reduced. Anthracite, because of its unique density, can be used in multi-media filters. At 56 lbs./ft.3 it will hydraulically classify and remain above heavier medial such as Filter Sand or Manganese Greensand providing a prefiltration layer.

Manufacturer: Nelsen Corporation

Manufacturer #: ANT-1.5