Bacteria Disinfection

Bacteria Disinfection Bacterial contamination of drinking water is a serious health problem for many private well water systems. Coliform bacteria may not cause disease, but can be indicators of disease-causing organisms such as E. Coli or fecal coliform. The latter can cause intestinal infections, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever, cholera and other illnesses.

If contamination is present, an attempt should be made to identify and eliminate the source of the contamination. Human and animal wastes are a primary source of bacteria in water. These sources of bacterial contamination include runoff from yards, feedlots, pastures, dog runs, and other land areas where animal wastes are deposited. Insects, rodents or animals entering the well are other sources of contamination. Another way bacteria can enter a water supply is through inundation or infiltration by floodwaters or by surface runoff. Floodwaters commonly contain high levels of bacteria.

We offer four main types of disinfection systems with a wide range of options:

• Chlorination Systems
• Ozone Systems
• Ultraviolet Sterilizers

For most of our customers, the selection of their water treatment system begins with an accurate water analysis

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