Coliform Bacteria EZ Test - 12 Tests

Coliform Bacteria EZ Test - 12 Tests

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The EZ Coliform Cult is an easy, fast, and effective presence/absence test for total coliforms and E.coli in water. Includes 12 bottles for 12 tests.

Optional UV light is required if you want to test for e.coli in addition to total coliforms.

Coliform Testing:

The media will turn blue-green if coliform bacteria is present, or will remain clear-yellow if coliform bacteria is absent. Requires room temperature of 74F to 78F for 48 Hours to incubate. No special incubation equipment required.

If coliform bacteria is detected, the water should be disinfected (or not consumed at all) regardless of whether E. coli is specifically present.

E.coli Testing:

E. coli growth is confirmed by blue fluorescence under UV light (select UV light option if desired).

Manufacturer: Industrial Test Systems, Inc.

Manufacturer #: 487197