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See Some of Our TrustPilot CleanWaterStore Reviews

CleanWaterStore Trust Pilot Reviews It has been great to read all the CleanWaterStore reviews on Trust Pilot  and we appreciate our customers taking the time to review us! We have been using the independent service TrustPilot recently so our customers can post unbiased reviews (good or bad) online. Here our some recent reviews: “My 500′ … Continue reading See Some of Our TrustPilot CleanWaterStore Reviews

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What is the Difference Between Pro-OX,Filox, MangOX, Pyrolox, and Greensand Iron Filter Media?

We often get questions about iron filter media here at Clean Water Systems. It seems many people are overwhelmed by the breadth of options available when shopping for an iron filter, and with all sorts of tanks, valves, and filter media available, it's not hard to see why. Iron filters contain iron filter media, which is a type of granular filter media that removes iron and often manganese as well.

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Birm, Greensand, and MangOX Iron Filters: A Primer

Iron makes up 5% of the Planet's crust and is found in well water throughout the world. Whenever the amount of iron in your well water is higher than 0.3 Milligrams Per Liter (mg/L) the water can have a rusty, red-colored, brownish, or even yellow color, and cause discoloration of fixtures as well as laundry. Metallic tastes will probably be present and the water may smell horrible.

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