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What Are Iron Bacteria?

Iron Bacteria: Should You Be Worried About Iron Bacteria in Your Water? In the U.S., about 15 million households drink from a private well. People choose wells for various reasons, including taste and freshness. Some households also have property too far away to be hooked up to the city’s water source. When it comes to … Continue reading What Are Iron Bacteria?

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Is Smelly Hot Water Dangerous?

Should You Be Concerned if You Have Smelly Hot Water in Your Home? If you are a homeowner who has private well water at your residence, you may assume that water that comes directly from the earth will be pure and crystal clear. This isn't always the case. Often, this “natural” water may smell or … Continue reading Is Smelly Hot Water Dangerous?

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Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment

Understanding the Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment Process: Beginner's Guide Do you need an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to purify your water? Consider hydrogen peroxide water treatment. This process is simple and easy to understand, making it an excellent option for beginners. When you know the basics, you are in a better position to reap all … Continue reading Hydrogen Peroxide Water Treatment

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Blue Stains in Sink From Well Water

What Does It Mean if You Have Blue Stains in Sink From Well Water? If you have well water, any stain or smell that comes from your appliances may make you feel concerned. Blue stains in sink from well water are not usually harmful, but they can become a problem if they are not addressed. … Continue reading Blue Stains in Sink From Well Water

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