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Chlorination System

7: How to Shock Chlorinate and Sanitize your Water Well

Water Chlorination System In this episode, I discuss how to shock chlorinate and sanitize your well with chlorine bleach.  This is sometimes referred to as “shock chlorinate” because it uses a high dose of bleach to kill bacteria, eliminate odors and oxidize iron and other contaminants.   I also go over why it is important to not add too much […]
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The Top 5 Problems that Hypochlorite Skid-Mounted Chlorination Systems Solve

A self-contained hypochlorite skid-mounted chlorination system injecting sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) can solve (at least) 5 major problems afflicting many small commercial, industrial or community water systems. Hypochlorite Skid-Mounted Chlorination Systems,  or Hypo Skids, as the name implies, are skid-mounted automatic chlorination systems that monitor flow rate and chlorine residuals and inject hypochlorite (liquid chlorine bleach) […]
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