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Chemical-free Odor Treatment with AIR Charger Iron Filters

Well water often has iron, manganese, sulfur odors and sediment. These are the most common problems we hear about from well owners.  A powerful and effective method for treating well water is chlorination combined with oxidizing iron filtration, but many folks don’t want to use chlorine.   Even though our chlorinator systems often include a carbon component to remove the residual chlorine before it enters the home, many well owners are looking for non-chemical, maintenance-free systems.

We now have improved advanced water-saving Aeration Iron filter systems, the 5900-AIR Iron Filter. This system can relieve your water from the annoying odors that comes from sulfur, iron and manganese without the need for chemical treatment. With this kind of system, getting non-staining, odorless, purified water is no longer such a hassle. Does it sound too good to be true? Read on.

How do these Air Charger Iron Filters work?

It might be difficult to see just how great this product is until you understand how its mechanism works. This system works differently from other air injection or chemical iron filters.

Pro-OX 5900 AIR Charger Iron Filter

The Pro-OX 5900-AIR iron filter, our very own aeration iron filter, utilizes a special mechanism that combines the use of aeration and a solid manganese dioxide filter. This filter media and components have been approved by NSF, and it performs well in removing iron and sulfur odors from the water.

This system also uses a single tank. While the system is in use, the tank maintains an air pocket on top. Water enters from the top of the tank, so it naturally passes through the air pocket.  When it does, the air pocket oxidizes the rotten-egg odors (hydrogen sulfide) and iron that is in the water, removing the odors from the water. At the same time, dissolved oxygen is automatically added to your water.

The iron and manganese particles that are removed from your water do not stay in the tank for a long time either. They are automatically removed because the filters are automatically backwashed and rinsed regularly once or twice a week.

The air pocket that filters your water is also replenished every one or two nights, so you can be assured that the air your water passes through is never stagnant. Click here for more information about how this air iron filter works.

Why Should You Choose Air Charger Iron Filters?

Unlike other filters that remove iron, sulfur and manganese odors from well water, the Air Charger Iron filter such as the Pro-OX 5900-AIR has a lot of unique features and benefits. For instance, this filtration system does not require routine maintenance. It backwashes the filter media automatically, so you don’t need to exert time to do that.

In addition to that, it uses less water than any other type of iron filters. It replenishes the air needed to filter the elements without wasting water. Other air-charging type iron filters undergo complete backwashing every night in order to refresh the air pocket inside the filter, ,but not the Pro-OX 5900 Iron Filter. The state-of-the-art control valve on top of the tank allows new, filtered air into the air pocket without the need for backwashing.

To impress you further, you can also opt for a chlorinator system to be installed along with the aeration iron filter of your choice. It will get rid of iron bacteria at the same time you’re removing iron, manganese and sulfur odors!  Many air-charger type iron filters use Birm filter media, which cannot be used with chlorine and break down.  The solid high-purity Pro-OX iron filter media benefits from a chlorine feed, particularly if high levels of manganese is present, or there is extremely high sulfur odors, or iron bacteria present.

To top that off, this filter system can also take care of your toughest water problems. You can even solve turbidity and sediment problems with this, not just water odor issues. In fact, it can filter up to 5 microns of sediments and turbidity.

It’s also very easy to install.   Any plumber, or person familiar with the most basic plumbing skills can install these systems.

Click here to download a brochure with complete information about this air iron filter.

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