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How to Kill Molds, Bacteria and Odors in Air AND Water With the Ozone 500-i

Ozone 500-i System
Ozone 500-i System

Clean Water Store has a new product!

In previous posts, we have discussed the benefits of ozone as an important disinfecting agent. The Ozone 500-i system is a small but mighty ozone and negative ion generator that can easily and quickly treat air or water in your home or office.

The system comes with two separate machines built in together including an ozone generator and a negative ion generator. The ozone machine releases ozone gDSC_0052as which kills off bacteria and eliminates odors, while the negative ion generator releases negatives charged particles that neutralize extraneous static charges in the air. A built-in compressor and ceramic diffuser stone make it easy to ozonate containers or pitchers of water, hot tubs, bath water, or room air.

Ozone is a great (and safer) disinfectant for vegetables, meats and fruits. It will eliminates chemical residue and kills bacteria, mold, and fungi. It can eliminate tobacco and pet odors easily, as well as providing an easy solution for getting rid of odors in smelly shoes, clothes, and pet bedding.DSC_0037

Curious about some creative ways to use ozone?

The long tube with the diffuser at the end make it convenient to inject ozone gas into any liquid. Inject the diffuser directly into a bottle of olive oil to create your own ozonated olive oil at home for therapeutic uses!

Click on the chart below for some other common uses of ozone:

top 9 uses

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