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Multiple Filter System Water Is “Right on the Money”

Rick had a common mix of sulfur odor, brown staining and hard water issues, and needed a multiple filter system to resolve his problems in one simple set up. The system began with a Precision-24 Chlorinator that pumps a tiny amount of chlorine  into his water to oxidize sulfur molecules, kill iron bacteria, and eliminate the odors in his water. The chlorine/water mixture sits in the grey contact tank to allow proper retention time for the chlorine to work.

Next, the water flows through his 5900e Automatic Carbon Backwash Filter to remove sediment, rust, and any trace of chlorine and other odors and tastes.  The final stage is  his 5900e Salt Saver Water Softener. The water softener uses a high grade of  ion exchange media to selectively remove molecules that mak ewater hard like calcium and magnesium. The water softener is automatically regenerated  by the automatic backwash 5900e control valve on demand only, saving thousands of gallons of water a year.

The result is clean, odor-free, non-staining clean water through out the home.

Here’s what Rick had to say about his new water quality and equipment:

The equipment is fantastic and the water is “right on the money”. Your team was great to work with and I would highly recommend this system from The Clean Water Store to anyone wanting awesome well water.


Rick Owens

Kingston, TN


multiple filter system - softener, carbon, chlorinator
Featured: Precision-24 Chlorinator, Carbon Filter 5900e, Softener 5900e





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