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Neutralizer Installation Went Well

Here is an overall view of the whole system.  The 100 gal stock tank will be replaced with a poly closed head type sprayer tank when I can get it thru the basement door.  That area still under construction.  That will eliminate excess basement dampness.  The windows have flip up covers to keep the sun off the tanks and filters but still allows me to use the two casement windows if I need to.  The backwash/rinse lines from the filters are currently held in place inside the tank by threading them thru the center holes in a pair of my large welding jig magnets and attaching the magnets to the inside of the stock tank.  I ran three separate boxes for the electrical to prevent any problem because of the transformer sizes.  The 3″ pipe by the stock tank is what passes for a radon evac system and vents thru the roof.  The smaller line leads outside and once the gutter drains are set in place, I’ll place a tank outside to capture the water from the backwash/rinse cycles and use to water needed landscape/garden items.

Thanks again,

– Gary Roberts,

Keysville, VA

hp photosmart 720
Pictured: Neutralizer Filter Plus 1.5CF, Rusco Sediment Trapper PE 1″ T


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