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Water Neutralizer


Today we wanted to shine a light on the new installation guides that we’ve been hard at work on lately.

We’ve had customers request easier-to-understand installation guides, so we listened and created some informative, interactive slideshows with clear, succinct directions and a number of handy pictures and diagrams.

All of the guides we’ve uploaded to date can be found on our Slideshare account. So far, they include:

Neutralizer 7000 Installation/Programming Guide
Neutralizer 7000 with Flow Sensor Master Programming Guide
Neutralizer 7000 without Flow Sensor Master Programming Guide
Softener 7000 Programming Guide

We’re in the process of creating similar guides for the rest of our most popular systems, and will soon be creating videos to illustrate the whole process in glorious full motion!  For now, check out these guides and let us know if you find them helpful by e-mailing us at [email protected] or leaving a comment on our Facebook page.

Thanks for reading!

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