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Pro-OX Iron Filter Tackling the Worst of Iron Problems!

Todd had an extreme iron problem in his home. His water test results for iron were coming out at over 7.0 ppm, nearly 20 times over the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) limit for staining at 0.3 ppm. To treat such a big iron problem, we suggested the star of Clean Water Systems, the Pro-OX Iron Filter 5900e!

Pro-OX Iron Filters are the longest lasting and most powerful system for removing up to 15 ppm of iron, along with manganese, rust, and sediment, from well water. This filter utilizes natural, high purity, NSF-certified manganese dioxide media that has a lifespan of 7-10 years, so Todd doesn’t have to worry about maintenance anytime soon. The Pro-OX Iron Filter features a heavy-duty automatic backwash control valve, the 5900e, which is fully adjustable for backwashing out the filtered contaminants and saves water to maximize performance.

Here’s what Todd had to say about his new Pro-OX Iron Filter:

“The attached pics show my new Pro OX 5900e iron filter from Clean Water Systems. I have been using the iron filter for about 2 weeks now, and so far it’s doing a great job of removing the iron. My iron has been running between 7.2 and 7.5 ppm from the well. My testing of the water as it leaves the iron filter has been between 0.002 and 0.08 ppm. I do chlorination as the water enters the house and I have 2 – 75 gallon contact tanks just after my pressure tank (only 1 tank is pictured). So far I’m very happy with the performance of the Pro OX system. It seems to be doing a better job than my old system. Overall I’m very satisfied with the performance of the filter, and it’s saving me a ton of water. My old system had to wash every other day, and it used a ton of water and took close to 2 hours to do a cycle. I’m sure I’ll make up some of the cost of this new iron filter in electricity and chlorine costs over time. I’d give my system 5 stars.”


Pro-OX Iron Filter 5900e
Featuring: Pro-OX Iron Filter 5900e,


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