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How to Remove Iron and Neutralize Acid Water with Pro-OX-AIR Blend Filters

How to Remove Iron and Neutralize Acid Water

One question that comes up frequently is how to remove iron and neutralize acid water with one system. This can save space and lowers costs.

If your water has iron AND you have low pH as well (in other words, the water is slightly acidic) then you can use a Pro-OX Blend filter.

5900 filters remove iron, neutralize acid waterThere Are Two Types of Pro-OX AIR Iron Filters

The first type is the Pro-OX AIR standard system containing Pro-OX iron filter media (black filter tank).

This type works best if the pH is 6.9 or greater.

The second type is the Pro-OX AIR Blend which contains natural calcite minerals as well as the Pro-OX iron filter media (almond color translucent tank with top fill plug).

The Blend series not only remove iron and odors but also eliminates acid water conditions as well.

Acid water is water with a pH of less than 7.0.

The result is non-corrosive, clean, iron-free water at a neutral pH throughout the home.

The Pro-OX Blend can be ordered by selecting the drop-down options menu selecting the Calcite Blend series on the regular Pro-OX-AIR iron filter page.

Inside the filter is a chamber of air, and as water flows into the filter. it falls through the air, and then down through the Pro-OX filter media, where the iron, sediment, and odors are removed.

remove iron, neutralize acid water

Iron and sediment accumulate in the Pro-OX filter media and are flushed out to drain once or twice a week in a process called backwashing.

Unlike other Air-Charger type iron filters, the 5900-AIR system does not need to do a complete backwash each night, in order to replenish the air inside the tank.

This saves thousands of gallons of water a year over the standard type air-charger iron filters.

Most iron filter media is manufactured by bonding a thin coating of manganese dioxide over some other filter media, such as silica or zeolite. This thin coating can be damaged and wear out over a few years.

Our Pro-OX filter media granules are solid manganese dioxide, and NOT a coating. It can’t wear off or wear out, like greensand, Birm or other coated filter media.

When To Remove Iron and Neutralize Acid Water with Pro-OX Blend

Use the Pro-OX Blend series when your well water pH is between 6 and 6.9. One advantage of the Pro-OX Blend series is that the Pro-OX media lasts for many years, but the calcite dissolves over a period of a few months. This means you can simply add more calcite on top of the more permanent iron filter media.

The Pro-OX iron filter media can last 15 to 20 years, unlike other media that must be changed every few years. The standard Pro-OX-AIR iron filter removes iron, manganese and sulfur odors through a combination of natural aeration and the powerful Pro-OX filter media.

However, all these types of oxidizing iron filters, work best if the pH is between 7 and 8.

Let’s talk about pH

  • pH refers to how acidic or alkaline water is.  
  • It is a scale from 1 – 14, with 7 being neutral.
  • Below 7 and the water is considered acidic.

Iron Oxidizes (turns into a solid particle) Better and Faster at a pH Range of 7.0 to 8.0.

A low pH (less than 7) keeps the iron in solution. Low pH water usually has clear water iron. Aeration helps raise pH because the reason for low pH is typically dissolved carbon dioxide.

By aerating the water (adding oxygen) the carbon dioxide is partially eliminated, allowing the pH to rise naturally, although the calcite blend is still recommended if your well water pH is less than 6.9.

remove iron and neutralize acid water

Pro-OX Calcite Blend Filters works down to pH 6 (If you have less than 6, you are better off getting a separate standalone neutralizer).

The tank is equipped with an automatic backwashing valve that periodically backflushes (the opposite direction of the flow) the calcite media to the drain for a few minutes to re-classify the media and remove any precipitated solids and/or iron.

In the process of raising the pH in the presence of iron, some iron will precipitate out and needs to be backflushed to remove it.

Backwash Flow Rate is Important

For example, if your well pump can only 7 gallons in one minute ( 7 GPM), and you install the 1.5 CF model which requires 10 GPM, then over time the filter may become fouled.

A calcite filter adds hardness back to the water, so in some cases, a water softener can be installed after the pro-ox blend or a calcite filter in order to remove the hardness added during the neutralization process.

  • The pH Blend Pro-OX Filter includes 2/3rds Pro-OX 1/3rd Calcite
  •  Easy to add additional Calcite
  •  Add 1 -3 times a year depending on usage
  •  Translucent tank – easy to see the level of filter media.

If your pH is less than 6 use a separate neutralizer before Pro-OX AIR Iron Filter.

Pure White High-Quality Calcite

Purical from Washington State is our go-to calcite. It works better, dissolves evenly, and is NSF-certified. CF refers to a cubic foot of filter media that is included with the iron filter. A 1.5 CF model contains 1.5 cubic foot of filter media and is larger and requires a higher backwash flow rate than a 1.0 CF model.

This is true with all iron filters, but be sure the select an iron filter size that can work with your well pump flow rate

We have an online calculator that can help you easily determine your well pump flow rate if you don’t have that information on hand.

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