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The chlorinator/iron filter system is working very well. – Pacific Hermitage, White Salmon Washington

Hi Gerry and Brett,

The chlorinator/iron filter system is working very well. Thanks for your expertise and help in setting it up.

Attached are a few pictures of the system.

I didn’t realize how essential the chlorine was to fix our water problems. I set just the chlorinator up first, and adjusted it for 0.5 ppm free chlorine residual. The water remained clear rather than turning rusty colored after exposure to air for a half hour, and the rapid staining of all plumbing fixtures stopped immediately. That saved a lot of cleaning time! The water still tasted like iron though. Then hooking up the iron filter took care of that.

We’re very happy with the system, and really appreciate your help.

Best wishes,


Chlorination System and Greensand Iron Filter
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