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Stenner Pump chlorinator system removed water sediment and odor

Clean Water Store:

About three years ago we purchased some rural land outside of San Antonio Texas.  300 foot well which seemed to have a good reservoir supporting it.  The only problem was a significant amount of sediment.  We found your company on the internet and after some discussion with your techs purchased and installed a backwashing sediment filter system.  That solved a major problem for us.

Unfortunately our water seems to have a fairly high iron content and the result was the sulfur smell, often particularly associated with our hot water.  I devised a method of being able to chlorinate the water heater but found myself having to do this regularly.

This fall the water, even at the cold taps, frequently had a metallic odor.  So again after researching your website decided on a installing a chlorinator system using a Stenner pump.

The results have, so far, been superb.  Our water remains sediment and odor free.  I have not had to chlorinate the water heater since installing the pump.  The combination of the two products has given us exactly what we needed to give us great water.

The results have, so far, been superb. Our water remains sediment and odor free!

Thanks for your tech support in the past!  You guys have been great.

Please feel free to share my comments with other customers.

G B Josephson
Sutherland Springs TX

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