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Here are a few pics of “Watertown”

watertown1Ejector pit and sump pit.  Iron filter and softener waste water go into sump, are pumped to a gravel bed a few hundred feet from the house.

watertown2ATV sprayer tank, wall brackets.  Takes up no floor space!

watertown3Industrial automation relay, one-shot timer mode, .1 second division.  Top outlet is hot all the time, bottom is timed.

watertown4Meter, injection point.

watertown5Sch 80 pressure piping throughout.  Well switch is controlling 24vac contactor, no 220v at the well switch.  (If you were to have a gas leak in the mechanical room, it would concentrate at the floor, and the well switch contacts would be a prime ignition source.)  “wet switch” water puck will lock out well pump if it gets wet.

watertown6 Well pump contactor, 24vac transformer.

watertown7Vacuum breaker, shutoffs, sample bibs, 20″ RF carbon filter, finished water out to house.

watertown8Water heater and water filters have their own trapped and vented drains that go into sump pit.

watertown9That’s Watertown!

Took a few days to package it all, but ready for a startup now.

Carl C.


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