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“What is the difference between the Fleck 7000 and the CWS-US 165 and 65 control valves?”

One question we sometimes get is “What is the difference between the Fleck 7000 and the  CWS-US 165 and 65 control valves?”

Our backwashing filter systems (iron filters, carbon filters, sediment filters) and softeners come with Fleck Control Valves or CWS-US control valves, which are made for us by Canature Corp.   The control valve sits on top of the filter or softener is what automatically backwashes and cleans the system.

CWS-US 165 Control Valve
CWS-US 165 Control Valve

The filter systems using the CWS-US control valves work great for most residential applications that require up to 20 gallons per minute.  This would include homes with 1 to 2 or even 3 bathrooms.   The CWS-US control valves come in the 165 electronic style series with metered-flow regeneration,  and the 65 series time clock, that backwash based on days of the week.

• The 165 control has an easy to use digital interface, a built-in meter for flow-based regenerations, and it NSF-certified for drinking water and cost less than the comparable Fleck series.   It is easy to program and lasts for many years.

65 Series Time Clock Control
65 Series Time Clock Control

• The 65 series is very similar to the 165 series. It uses the same basic valve body and same flow rates. The main difference is that it has a mechanical interface instead of digital, and it is not metered, so it can backwash only based on days used. It is comparable to the Fleck 5600 control valve.

• The Fleck 7000 is a higher flow rate valve up to 35 GPM and can work with larger filter systems and softeners for larger homes and commercial applications. It has a large full-port bypass and has the least amount of pressure drop out of any of our systems.

Fleck 7000 Control Valve
Fleck 7000 Control Valve

It also has a digital interface and can be set to backwash based on usage for an additional cost.

All these control valves have a 5 year warranty and are very reliable.

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