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Whole House Water Filter Systems for Chlorine and Chloramines, Part II

Welcome back to our series on home chlorine and chloramine removal.  On Monday we discussed downflow, auto-backwashing carbon filters; today we’ll take a look at upflow, non-backwashing carbon filters.

Upflow filters

As you might guess from the name, upflow systems basically function as a downflow filter in reverse.  Instead of water flowing down through the filter media from the top of the tank, water travels down the distributor tube and flows back up through the filter media – carbon, in this case – and out of the tank.

Upflow filters can be used on water free of sediment but generally the backwash carbon filters are preferred because it keeps the carbon media clean and free of sediment. However, because upflow carbon filters don’t go through backwash cycles, they also don’t create the wastewater that a backwashing filter would.

The Jacobi Aquasorb CX-MCA

Aquasorb Upflow Carbon Filter

Aquasorb Upflow Carbon Filter

For chloramine removal, we recommend Aquasorb catalytic carbon in a backwash system.  The Jacobi Aquasorb CX-MCA is a 12 x 40 catalytic, granular, coconut shell-based activated carbon that is highly effective at removing chloramines due to its large micropore volume and superior mechanical hardness.

On Friday we will post the last part in this week’s series on home chlorine and chloramine removal methods, in which we’ll discuss carbon filter cartridges a bit more.  For now, though, we’ll leave you with some more information about upflow, non-backwashing carbon filters and carbon filtration in general:

You can view our selection of Aquasorb upflow carbon filters here and learn more about treating chlorine and other chemicals in our Water Problems pages.  If you still have any water or water treatment-related questions, feel free to e-mail us at support@cleanwaterstore.com, or contact us on Facebook or through our online contact form.

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to check back on Friday for the final part in our series on home chlorine and chloramine removal!




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2 thoughts on “Whole House Water Filter Systems for Chlorine and Chloramines, Part II

  1. I’m having a hard time deciding between a non-backwash and backwashing system to filter chloramines for city water.

    I see a few articles outlining that non-bakwashing / upflow systems are not as effective in filtering.

    Here is a link;

    Do you guys still recomned a non-backwashing system for chloramines?


  2. Brian,

    For some city water users, upflow filters can be preferable since they don’t backwash and thus don’t create waste water. We do recommend backwashing filter for chlorine and chloramine removal, however, if the user has somewhere to drain the backwash water. If so, backwashing is preferable as it will clean and reclassify the carbon media, prolonging its life and increasing the effectiveness of your filter.

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