Refurbished Chlorinator Well Water Precision-24 + 15 Gal Solution Tank

Refurbished Chlorinator Well Water Precision-24 + 15 Gal Solution Tank
Code: RF-CS000340

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These complete chlorinator pump and tank systems are the best way to achieve accurate chlorine residuals with the least amount of maintenance.

Precision-24 Versatile Chlorinator Works for a Wide Range of Conditions and Wells:

  • Rebuilt - new diaphragm, new injection check valve, tubing and fittings. Same 1 Year Warranty. Like new.
  • Works over a wide range of water flow rates for most home water wells
  • Good for chlorinating well water flow rates from 1 to 100 Gallons Per Minute (1 - 100 GPM)
  • Pumps 0.1 to 24 gallons of solution per day
  • Works for line pressures up to 110 PSI
  • Dimensions: 15 gallon model: 14.5" wide x 24", height including pump is 35". 35 gallon model: 18" wide x 33", height including pump is 44".
  • Stroke frequency adjustable from 0 to 100 strokes per minute
  • Digital speed adjustment makes adjusting the pump fast and easy for incredibly accurate injection
  • De-gassing vent built-in makes the pump great for chlorination use
  • Unlike Stenner-style peristaltic pumps: no pump tube failures, no rollers to go bad, needs less service, and good for continuous duty
  • Uses regular household bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite) or liquid pool chlorine (12% sodium hypochlorite)
  • These heavy-duty metering pumps systems are designed to last for many years with minimal maintenance.
  • Pump easily mounts on the top of the tank or a wall
  • Primes super fast, and won't lose its prime.
  • Complete system includes chlorinator pump, solution tank, injection check valve, tubing, fittings
  • Output in Gallons Per Hour: 0.004 to 1.00 gallons
  • Output in Liters Per Hour: 0.015 to 3.8 liters
  • Volume in mL/cc Per Minute: Minimum: 0.25 Maximum 63.0
  • Volume per Stroke in mL/cc: Minimum 0.07 Maximum 0.35
  • Maximum Injection Pressure: 110 PSI (7.8 BAR)


Free Expert Technical Setup and Support

Over 25 years we have installed many hundreds of chlorination systems worldwide. We can offer you expert advice on the exact type of chlorine solution to use, how much to use and what settings to use with your new chlorinator. These pumps are the easiest and most accurate chlorinator pumps available on the market today!

Loaded with features only found in much more expensive industrial metering pumps, our Precision-24 Metering Pump makes chlorine and other chemical injection fast and accurate. Our easy-to-use installation guide will guide you through the steps, but if you need help or have questions, we are just a phone call or email away.

Each System Includes

  • Precision-24 Home Well Water Chlorinator Pump with 15 or 35 gallon heavy-duty polyethylene solution tank
  • Tubing and fittings to connect pump to injection check valve
  • 1 Injection Check valve 1/2" NPT
  • Easy to read Manual

Installation Diagram

Detailed installation instructions are provided in the included installation manual.
chlorinator pump for well water

Installation Diagram


Wire to your well's pressure switch. This is the lowest cost method. Simply install a dedicated wall outler, that is wired in to the existing pressure switch and powered up whenever the well pump turns on (and off)


Install a flow switch. This makes it fast and easy. No electrical wiring to do and any plumber, or person familiar with basic plumbing can install the chlorinator. No electrician required or electrical wiring to do.

Simply install the pre-wired flow switch. Plug the flow switch into a standard 120v wall outlet. Then, plug the chlorinator pump into the electrical outlet on the flow switch. Whenever there is flow, the metering pump will then turn on.


Use a proportional-fee type of installation. This is also very easy to set up and requires no electrical wiring or electrician to install the system. A flow meter is installed which tursn on and off the chlorinator pump based on the flow of water.

As soon as there is flow of water through the meter, the chlorinator pump will pump faster or slower based on the amount of water flowing through the flow meter

Simply install the flow meter and connect the cable to the chlorinator pump. Plug the chlorinator pump into a standard 120V wall outlet. When the water flows, the pump will pump more or less chlorine based on how fast the water is flowing.

NOTE: Unlike Option 1 and Option 2, there is no need ot install the injection check valve before your pressure tank. With the proportional-feed type of installation, the injection check valve can be installed AFTER the pressure if desired.

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: CS000340-RF