Water Softener 5900-BT 16K Grain 6x35 Refurbished

Water Softener 5900-BT 16K Grain 6x35 Refurbished
Code: RF-WS005960

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ModelNumber of Bathrooms in HomePipe Fittings IncludedTank Dimensions
16k11"Width: 6" Height: 35"
24k11"Width: 8" Height: 44"
32k1 - 21"Width: 9" Height: 48"
48k1 - 2.51"Width: 10" Height: 54"
64k1.5 - 31"Width: 12" Height: 52"
80k2 - 51"Width: 13" Height: 54"


Brine TankSalt Capacity (lbs)Tank Dimensions
Square Brine Tank250Length: 13" Width: 13" Height: 32.5"
Square Brine Tank350Length: 15.5" Width: 16" Height: 39"
Round Brine Tank375Width: 18" Height: 33"
Round Brine Tank450Width: 18" Height: 40"
Square Brine Tank156Length: 11" Width: 11" Height: 38"
Round Brine Tank700Width: 32" Height: 41"


  • High quality salt-efficient water softener: eliminates or dramatically reduces white spotting on fixtures and dishware
  • Prevents scale and calcium build-up inside pipes, water heaters, fixtures, and appliances
  • Counteracts drying effects of hard water, allowing you to enjoy softer skin and hair
  • Saves on laundry: clothes come out cleaner and softer without chemicals, bleach, or detergents. Clothing lasts longer!
  • Reliable CWS 5900e-E Control valve automatically backwashes and cleans the softener based on the amount of water you use, saving salt and water
  • Excellent 10 year warranty on tanks and 7 year warranty on control valves!
  • NSF certified filter tank and control valve


  • Heavy-Duty 5900e-E control valve
  • NSF certified tank
  • High-grade softener resin (with option for high-efficiency salt-saving Purolite SST-60 resin)
  • Pipe connectors


  • Max pressure recommended: 100 psi
  • Max temperature recommended: 100F
  • Filter tank is one piece seamless polyester and NSF certified

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: RF-WS005960