Mixed bed DI resin

Mixed bed DI resin
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lowest CONDUCTIVITY • lowest SILICA • lowest T.O.C. • PUROLITE’S EX-MB is a mixed bed resin that operates exceptionally well both in the service cycle and the regeneration. • EX-MB is recommended for both exchange service, deionizers; and regenerable in place mixed-bed DI installations. • The pronounced DENSITY difference between the anion and cation resin allows for easy separation even when the resins are just slightly exhausted. • There is NO NEED for a brine exhaustion separation. • The COLOR DIFFERENCE between resins make for a highly visible separation. • EX-MB is a LOW T.O.C. SEMICONDUCTOR grade resin. • TOTAL exchange capacity as shipped 13,000 grains/ft3 . • ANION resin is strong base type 1 semi porous gel (PUROLITE A-400). • CATION resin is strong acid gel 10% crosslinked (PUROLITE C-100X10). • EX-MB mix is ONE TO ONE CHEMICAL RATIO of anion to cation (by volume 62% anion and 38% cation).

Manufacturer: Purolite

Manufacturer #: EX-MB