Whole House Fluoride Filter 2 to 10 GPM

Whole House Fluoride Filter 2 to 10 GPM
Code: MS013510

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Drinking Water

Consumers, who are concerned about fluoride in the municipal water supply for health reasons and require its removal, can benefit by the use of a fluoride removal cartridge at the Point of Use (POU).

Private Wells

Some areas of the country have high levels of naturally occurring fluoride. Wells Supply 15% of American populations with drinking water, and these wells are not subject to EPA regulations. These wells provide safe clean water, but occasionally can become contaminated, resulting in illness.

About Fluoride

Fluoride can occur in drinking water naturally as a result of the geological composition of soils and bedrock. Most water supplies contain some naturally occurring fluoride. Fluoride also enters drinking water in discharge from fertilizer or aluminum factories. The decision to fluoridate a water supply is made by the State or local municipality. EPA has set the level of protection for fluoride at 4.0 mg/L or 4.0 ppm, to prevent potential health risk.

Exposures to fluoride have increased since the early 1960s. At that time, drinking water and food and beverages prepared with fluoridated water accounted for nearly an individual’s entire fluoride intake. Today, exposure to fluoride comes from fluoridated dental products, as well as the voluntary addition of fluoride to drinking water.

1 Year Warranty

Manufacturer: CWS

Manufacturer #: MS013510

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