AutoMBV Motorized Valve 3/4" - Bronze; 220 VAC

AutoMBV Motorized  Valve 3/4" - Bronze; 220 VAC
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3/4" AutoMBV Compact Motorized Ball Valve - Bronze; 220 VAC: Compact Valve with motorized ball valve for normal to heavy-duty purge requirements. Featuring integrated programming circuitry, this valve can be set to purge as often as every 15 mintues or as seldom as every 3-3/4 hours.

Purge duration can be set anywhere from 12 to 90 seconds. Settings are fixed with a simple arrangement of switches located within the actuator housing. NEMA-4 water-tight actuator housing suitable for indoors or outdoor locations. Standard valve body is bronze. Cast aluminum actuator housing.

1 Year Warranty

Manufacturer: Claude Laval Corp

Manufacturer #: CW-07-MBV/220