Nitrate Resin ResinTech SIR-100HP 1 Cu.Ft.

Nitrate Resin ResinTech SIR-100HP 1 Cu.Ft.
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"Nitrate Resin ResinTech SIR-100HP 1 Cu.Ft. SIR-100-HP is a strong base anion exchange resin supplied in the chloride form (which is used with a brine regenration using standard water softener salt) as moist, tough, uniform spherical beads. It is especially useful in nitrate removal applications due to its ability to remove nitrates preferentially in the presence of sulfates and other divalent ions.

The use of SIR-100-HP eliminates nitrate dumping and retains a greater degree of its operating capacity in the presence ofhigh levels of sulfates where standard anion resins would suffer loss inoperating efficiencies and exhibit nitrate dumping in the presence of sulfates. This means that even if the resin fails or for instance, the nitrate filter runs out of salt and the filter stops removing nitrate, it won't allow the treated water to be higher in nitrate than the raw water. SIR-100-HP is also intended for use in applications involving monovalent and divalent ions where the monovalent ion must be removed preferentially, such as in removing perchlorates from groundwaters.

Manufacturer: Nelsen Corporation

Manufacturer #: SIR-100-HP