Ozone Systems

Eliminate sulfur odors and kill odor-causing bacteria with a combination Ozone POE10 and a MangOX Backwash Filter System. ozone recirc skid

Natural safe Ozone Gas

Ozone gas produced on site from air

No chlorine or chemical residuals

Eliminate hydrogen sulfide "rotten-egg" odors

Kills iron bacteria and coliform bacteria

Removes hydrogen sulfide "rotten-egg" odors

Great for disinfecting surface water from lakes and rivers
ozone iron filter systems
  • Plug and play design
  • No storage tank required
  • Contact tank built-in
  • Complete skid system
  • Ready to install
  • No complicated wiring
  • Perfect pretreatment for iron

mangox iron filters
  • MangOX media lasts for years
  • No potassium permanganate
  • No chlorine
  • Removes iron, manganese
  • Removes hydrogen sulfide
  • Removes sediment
  • No maintenance

How Does Ozone Work?    

Ozone is made from oxygen in air and is a powerful oxidizing agent similar to chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. After the ozone is injected into the water, iron, manganese and other metals are oxidized (turned into a solid particle) in preparation for filtration. Ozone also destroys bacteria and odors and leaves the water smelling fresh and clean.

After filtration with MangOX and/or Catalytic Carbon the water not only looks crystal clear but is disinfected and safe to use throughout the home.

There are ozone systems for many different types of applications including storage tank bubblers, in-line skid-mounted contact tank systems such as the POE10 (shown at right), and commercial and industrial systems for high flow rates.

We installed our first ozone system in 1989 and have designed and supplied hundreds of ozone generators with custom filtration systems for bottling water plants, industrial applications and problem well waters worldwide. Whatever your well water problem is, we have an ozone system that will work well for your application.

Use our Fast System Selector Form and get assistance from one of our WQA certified technicians.

ozone recirc skid
The POE10 Point-of-Entry skid-mounted system is a complete turnkey ozone contacting system designed to accommodate a wide variety of applications. It comes completely assembled with an ozone generator, built-in air dryer, recirculation pump, injector manifold, back flow prevention vacuum break, contact tank with auto air release vent, and time delay controls.

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